March 31, 2022

Glow Marketing Produces 2-Day Event at Fab Factory Studios

Chandra Lynn of Glow Marketing had the honor of producing a special music industry event and studio tour to showcase two new Fab Factory Studios Dolby Atmos rooms. The events featured Fab Factory Studios Tour and the latest technology from PMC Speakers, Dolby Laboratories, and RSPE Audio Solutions.

Owners Steve and Shaun Fabos welcomed guests to experience their unique, vibey, artistic studios firsthand. It was designed with cutting-edge technology with the highest music and post-production standards, and has evolved into an inspirational place for artists, audio professionals, and content creators.

At the event, attendees had the opportunity to go beyond ordinary listening, and get transported with the Dolby Atmos breakthrough immersive audio experience that draws the listener in deeper so they hear and feel more.

Hosted full bar, food trucks and valet services were provided.

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