Why Glow


Free Your Mind!

  • We provide scalable marketing resources that fit any reasonable budget and timeline.
  • We support brands, ad agencies and the artist community.
  • We provide direction and project management to freelance teams and deliver results without requiring a lot of your time.
  • We are flexible and work on a retainer or project-basis.
  • You only pay for services that you need when you need them.

Marketing-Focused – Glow is not just a design studio. We approach web development from a strategic marketing perspective to make sure the end result meets your high-level goals and resonates with your target markets.

Scalability – our team can be scaled to meet any demand. We have a deep pool of experts that can be brought on to your project depending on your goals and time/resource constraints.

Expertise – the individuals we work with are innovators and lead in the areas of content management customization, social networking integration, database management, and development for online and mobile spaces.

Creativity – our designers and illustrators are true artists, and apply their creative eye to further your brand presence. They can design branding elements from scratch, or enhance the assets you have by broadening your color and font palettes, iconography, visual and motion graphics, and more. We use freelance artists so that we can match you up with a designer that shares your design sensibilities and sense of esthetic. This also allows us to make sure your designs are original.

Professional Management – we have a tried-and-true system for managing web projects. You will have both an account manager and a web producer assigned to your account. These individuals will be your liaison to the creative and programming teams so you don’t need to worry about guiding a large team of people that speak their own languages. We handle everything for you and gather your input through creative briefs and review meetings. Additionally, no matter how many freelance resources we bring on to meet the needs of your project, we make sure to stay on budget and provide billing from one source.