Yeah, What They Said!

“I’m THRILLED with my website! I want to thank Glow and their team so much for helping to capture, and thus represent my “vision”, personality and what I care about in such a creative, classy, cool, and hip manner. It rocks, and I’m looking forward to watching the site grow. I can’t thank them enough, especially for their patience. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who can deliver on their promises. Chandra and Glow have a great future, and I hope more people are willing to trust them with their vision, even if they aren’t sure what it is.”

Terry McMillan | NY Times Bestselling Author
Waiting to Exhale, Stella Got Her Groove Back, Getting to Happy, and more

“I am on page one of Google and the press release is everywhere. You have no idea how cool this is for me. To see my baby come to life and getting press and our name all over is amazing…I can’t tell you how giddy I am. Thank you, Glow! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

Robert Hyman | Show Producer | The Ultimate Thriller

“Chandra is a seasoned professional. My view is from the music industry side where I have specifically had my experiences with Chandra. Artist Relations, events planning, PR. Energetic, personable, experienced, passionate about the field she works in. Good contacts and networking adds to Glow’s/Chandra’s effectiveness.”

Richard McDonald | EVP | Fender Musical Instruments

“Chandra is a fantastic exec who knows her business/product well… she’s a pleasure to deal with and is consistently the one person to call to make things happen, get info, etc… a total pro!”

Mike Knobloch | President, Film Music and Publishing | Universal Pictures

“Chandra is one of those extraordinarily rare marketing talents that just “gets it”. She can incisively analyze the marketing challenge at hand; organize, mobilize and communicate; relate on a personal level; and make you feel comfortable all at the same time. In a lifetime of marketing, I can honestly say this is a rare combination. This mosaic of awesome capabilities makes her a true marketing “rockstar” … and I do not give that commendation lightly!

Mike Barnes | Manager Rich Media & Communications | Dolby Labratories

“Glow provides outstanding service. Chandra provided us with a detailed plan for all the PR aspects of my products. I had worked with her in the past when she represented a very large company. I was impressed back then at her attention to detail and her integrity when it came to dealing with the artistic community. That was one of the reasons I sought her out when I was finishing my book. I wanted someone who was knowledgable about the industry but cared about me as a client. Chandra listens to her clients and helps keep the work on task. Doing business with Chandra Lynn keeps you relevant, and that’s extremely important in today’s business world.”

Dave Hampton | Audio Engineer, Author, Educator | MATK Corporation

“We hired Chandra to help raise Airshow’s profile at a professional conference and beyond. She had good ideas, made a lot of connections for us, which led to some new press contacts. She also provided some valuable market research to our company. She knows pro audio!”

Ann Blonston | General Manager | Airshow Mastering

“Chandra is awesome. Smart, fun to work with and driven. Anyone who has a chance to work with Chandra in any way should jump at the opportunity.”

DJ O’Neil | CEO | Hub Strategy

“Chandra is great. Personable, Smart and Focused. She has both insight into how to get things done and the energy to do them. We look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Sam Berkow | Owner | SIA Acoustics

“When it came time to launch my Web 2.0 music start-up, AirSpun, Inc., I called upon Chandra’s expertise. After having seen her in action managing Digidesign’s PR activities when we both worked there, I knew she had the right combination of know-how, strategic thinking, and follow through to help us meet our PR objectives. Chandra is very effective and truly a joy to work with.”

Heidi Elgaard | VP of Marketing | Scandit

“Chandra is outstanding by every measure. She not only comes into every situation with a positive, can-do, take-charge attitude, she actually has the talent and skills to deliver beyond expectations consistently. During our time together, Chandra took over projects for which we had scant resources and brought them to closure expertly. Additionally, outside what she was assigned, Chandra identified opportunities and challenges that had yet to be seen by our company; she alerted us to them and then proposed ways for us to benefit. All in all, Glow and Chandra have been like our Special Forces – taking on tough missions and always watching our backs. We intend to keep them by our side for a long time to come. It is for these reasons, I give Chandra my highest possible recommendation.”

Michael Salort | CEO | Symbiotic Entertainment
(Formerly Executive in Charge | Tyra Banks/Bankable Enterprises)

“If you want a music industry insider then hire Chandra — it’s not just who she knows, but what she knows about the industry and how to market. Chandra has been instrumental in translating WarpShare’s geek cred into music artist cred.”

Vada Dean | Sales & Marketing | Zamar Media Solutions

“I have spent years working under the Ticketmaster and BASS umbrellas and worked with numerous promotions managers. Chandra is truly the creme de la creme…her ticketing, client, and Web knowledge along with her presentation and management skills are a huge asset.”

Doug Levinson | Chairman of the Board | Convention Data Services
(Formerly Vice President and General Manager |

“Chandra is dedicated, focused on quality, and has the highest professional standards. Her creativity and hard work on retail and Internet promotions significantly enhanced Bill Graham Presents’ marketing efforts.”

Jean Catino Shirk | Owner | Shirk Media
(Formerly Director of Advertising, Bill Graham Presents – now Live Nation)

“It’s often said star athletes make their teammates better. Chandra has the unique ability of bringing out the best in others. She listens to input from her clients and incorporates their views into innovative promotions and initiatives. Her skills in presenting complex marketing solutions with clarity is unrivalled. Her enthusiasm and vision allows her to strive for perfection on the part of her clients, as well as to see solutions where others do not. In a business world where “professional” is an increasingly rare term, I can honestly say that Chandra fits this description.”

Darryl Washington | Ticketing Supervisor | AEG Live
(Formerly VP of Ticket Operations, Golden State Warriors)

“Chandra is a detail oriented person who has crafted numerous marketing campaigns that met the objectives of both organizations’. Her get it done and being the go-to person attitude has been very satisfying whether a client or business partner.”

Merl Saunders Jr. | General Manager | Fenix Entertainment Group
(Formerly Senior Executive Director | NARAS – The Recording Academy)

“I’ve worked with Chandra for many years, and I’m always impressed by her fantastically positive attitude. She manages large projects of all types with confidence, and never gets flustered when things get chaotic. Her knowledge of marketing is thorough and up-to-date. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Ernie Rideout | Marketing Director | Stanford Jazz Workshop
(Formerly Editor in Chief | Keyboard Magazine)

“Chandra has been a productive and effective marketing resource for our products at MDW, LLC. She’s comfortable and conversant with advanced technology. She’s energetic and forward-thinking. Couldn’t recommend her more her more highly.”

George Massenburg | President & Owner | GML, LLC

“Chandra was tremendously helpful to us. She is a wonderful writer and organizer and was able to introduce us to new products from Digidesign that were appropriate for our business. We look forward to working with her in the future.”

Elliot Mazer | Co-chairman | Left Turn Music

“Out of all of the folks that I’ve worked with at any level, Chandra has been the oh-so-rare balance of professionalism, trust, and real-world execution. In all of the extremely successful promotions on which we worked together, Chandra holistic insight always created a dimension to our promotions that many partners lacked. He planning is clear and strong. We always somehow got past the difficult red tape of fluffy power point presentations and bloated proposals. It is refreshing to communicate efficiently, yet be effective and complete. I recommend Chandra. She is uniquely wonderful.”

Kamran V | Founder | POP-AUT
(Formerly Head of New Media Production | Interscope Records)

“Chandra managed press and artist relations for Focusrite when our brand was distributed by Digidesign. I was impressed by her professionalism and the quality of her written releases and by her ability to maintain productive relations with editors and writers. I would not hesitate to hire her as a freelance.”

Phil Dudderidge | Principal Owner & Chairman | Focusrite Audio Engineering, Ltd.

“Chandra was an absolute delight to work with in the years I worked with her at Digidesign. She’s a super-savvy negotiator, detail and deadline oriented, and just a fun person to work with. As an artist relations expert, Chandra played the main role in securing qualified and timely artist leads for the DigiZine magazine. As a press relations manager, Chandra was also key to helping to raise visibility of our products to our press partners–and they always held her in high regard. All in all, Chandra has always been wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her services.”

Dusty DiMercurio | Head of Content Marketing | Autodesk

“Chandra is highly capable and a very positive influence on those around her. She functions continuously at a high energy level and is responsive and responsible. She is also very invested in her work. Highly recommended.”

Stan Cotey | Vice President of Product Innovation | Fender Musical Instruments, Inc.

“Admired and respected by everyone at Digidesign who consumed her marketing services, Chandra put her mind and her heart into every effort, big and small. In our audio creation market space, she is renowned inside and outside of our company as the very best in the industry – a blast to work with and to be with. Her business training and skills place her in the elite of this profession.”

Ed Gray | Director, Partnering Programs | Avid Inc.

“Chandra is very professional, her ability to write and communicate corporate messaging, product information and any other message to the public is outstanding. She is creative and has the ability to create programs that really pull audiences in. Her people skills are by far the best I’ve seen. She is caring, articulate, a person with a great deal of integrity and she knows how to get a job done! We’ve worked together under extremely stressful times and her ability to bring a sense of calm is one of many things I admire about her. She is a wonderful professional person who I hope to work with again someday.”

Victoria Faveau | Owner | VGF Events

“Chandra always made you feel special and was very professional in her work. You could always rely on her to take care of any issue or need that arose and she always did it with a smile.”

Rich Tozzoli | Owner | R. Austin Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with Chandra Lynn at In her position as National Director of Promotions and Sponsorship she spearheaded scores of highly successful promotional campaigns on behalf of our most important music and sports ticketing clients. Chandra exhibited a remarkable ability to combine solid traditional marketing experience and knowledge with innovative ideas to capture the excitement of the target demographic which resulted in increased ticket sales and revenue. Chandra is an outstanding ambassador for any product or service because she takes the time to learn about her client’s needs and to create a promotional plan specific to her client’s goals. Our clients were proud of the high-quality campaigns Chandra developed and delighted with the productive results she delivered.”

Eve Alexander | Website Designer & Social Media Consultant

“Chandra and I worked together on numerous event promotions – she is known for original ideas and perfect timing and execution. Our mutual clients were always satisfied with her professionalism, follow through, and, most importantly, the results. I would recommend Chandra Lynn for marketing projects as quickly as I would recommend Tiger Woods as a golf partner.”

Tom Ewald | Vice President of Sales | Ticketfly