Welcome to Glow!

I’ve spent 20 years on branding and integrated marketing campaigns for clients such as Apple, Avid, Tyra Banks and The Wine Group, and have an understanding of how difficult the process can be. To offset economic, resource and time-based challenges, I created Glow Marketing LLC in 2000 with the simple goal of helping companies break through roadblocks to experience winning results.

We are not a replacement to in-house marketing departments and ad/PR agencies. We work with your established resources and act like a task force to add firepower when you need it most. Glow offers you the highest level of flexibility, creativity and cost savings by assembling unique teams around each of your projects. Teams are assembled based on your specific needs, and are comprised of best-of-breed freelance talent from our “Glow Circles” talent network which includes mind-blowing graphic artists, bleeding-edge interactive programmers, professional writers and on-the-pulse event managers.

Our success has been built on promoting brands in digital, analog and mobile spaces. We offer expert integrated marketing strategy and consultation as well as project management and execution. Depending on your specific goals and challenges, we are anxious to develop and explore potential solutions. We urge you to consider our plentiful resources as a one-stop-shop to integrate your marketing efforts for building nothing less than electric campaigns.

Yours Truly,

Chandra Lynn
Founder, Marketing Consultant & Coach
Glow Marketing LLC