December 20, 2012

Trailblazer Studios Unveils New Custom Website by Glow Marketing

Trailblazer Studios was a multi-dimensional project that involved web strategy for collapsing five independent divisional websites into one dynamic site under a single brand. Glow refreshed the Trailblazer Studio’s logo and designed a website that starts with a full-screen video homepage and moves to a custom video playback console environment.

Department Head Eric Johnson relayed their excitement over the new enhanced website to Glow principal Chandra Lynn:

“Everyone at Trailblazer is really happy with the site and the process of working with you and your team! Two years ago I hadn’t even met you yet and now you’ve just delivered what Tom (CEO) is calling our “best site ever”.”

Check it out on our Trailblazer Studios portfolio page.

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