December 27, 2008

Glow Wins Contract with SIA Acoustics

SIA Acoustics LLC is an acoustical design firm that specializes in projects where great sound is critical. Serving the architectural, production, performing arts and special event communities, they are experienced consultants offering services in acoustics, technical systems design, facility planning, and special event design. Founded in 1989 and based in New York City and Los Angeles, SIA Acoustics solves difficult acoustical and technical challenges and is also known for developing SIA-SMAART, the industry-leading acoustical measurement and sound system optimization software system.

Recent projects include acoustical design and consulting for The Pearl at the Palms Hotel and Casino, The Clive Davis Department of Record Music at New York University, The Botnick Mixing Facility, and The Rolex Excellence Awards productions in New York and Singapore. Other notable clients have included Hollywood Bowl, the Grand Ole Opry, AirShow Mastering, Sound Stages at Paramount Studio, Central Synagogue,

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