December 9, 2008

Aspera Contracts Glow for Brand Building, Special Events & More

Aspera Inc.’s Director of Marketing Francois Quereuil inked a deal with Glow to handle a wide range of marketing efforts, including a branding refresh project and a series of events that are planned for their high-level clients in New York and Los Angeles. Francois and Chandra worked together at Digidesign and they are both happy to continue their working relationship and friendship.

Aspera develops breakthrough software transfer technologies to achieve optimal performance and cost savings using existing network infrastructure. In Media and Entertainment, Aspera installations cover several of the major Hollywood studios and service companies, post-production houses, broadcasters and other content providers, cable, satellite, and on-demand media networks, and computer game developers. In recent news, Aspera bought DigiDelivery from Digidesign.

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