December 18, 2010 is a Hit! Read Early Reviews Sent to Terry & Glow Marketing

“Chandra, I’m THRILLED with my website, and want to thank you and your team so much for helping to capture and thus, represent my “vision” and my personality and what I care about in such a creative, classy, cool, and hip manner. It rocks, and I’m looking forward to watching the site grow. Like us! It rocks! I can’t thank you enough. And especially for your patience. Nice to know that someone can deliver on their promise. You have a great future and I hope more people are willing to trust you with their vision, even if they aren’t sure what it is.”
-Terry McMillan

“I love this, it’s fantastic! Love the most asked questions (and answers) and the bio is particularly terrific. Photo gallery is great. Love the energy and freshness of “the look”. Solomon’s music is wonderful, weirdly both soothing and stimulating! And I’m thrilled that I made it into your crib, before the upper arms started their late Fifties decline!! Bravo!”
-Molly Friedrich / Friedrich Agency

“Terry’s website is really incredibly impressive. Superbly designed, great interactive chances for her fans to get involved, just gorgeous layout…it’s really fantastic.”
-Lucy Carson / Friedrich Agency

Fan Messages:

“I toured your site. It is esthetically pleasing, smooth music. A wealth of information. Easy navigation. Unique content. A+”

“Whoever designed the website did a great job! It looks like a splash of paint on a canvas.”

“I love the site. The pics and music are beautiful. Before twitter I thought you were an awesome writer, now I think you’re just awesome period.”

“I love, LOVE, LOVE the website! It’s like being at a museum of artistic tributes to Terry McMillan (do we have a place like that yet? Maybe we should?). I especially love the sidebar on the right with the catch phrases of your various titles. It’s just a phenomenal design, I’m so excited that it’s launched! Congrats!”

“Really it’s the best author website I think I’ve ever seen. Truly. Most of them are just boring and they don’t reach out. This one does.

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