December 17, 2013

SuperMegaUltraGroovy Selects Glow Marketing to Publicize Award Winning Capo 3 Music App

Glow Marketing is now working with SuperMegaUltraGroovy to publicize their award-winning music app called Capo 3 for learning to play music.  Have you heard of it?

Capo 3 helps musicians learn to play their music in iTunes by instantly slowing it down or changing key, automatically detecting chords, and quickly generating guitar tab.

It has received an Apple Design Award and the MacWorld Editor’s Choice Award for one of the best software product of 2013!!  When Capo 3 launched in October, it hit #1 Music App and #7 Top Grossing site-wide on the Mac App store for much of October.

As you can see from the Macworld review and the artist testimonials on,

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