March 7, 2019

Chandra Lynn Interviews Drummer Omar Hakim & Keyboardist Rachel Z @ The NAMM Show

Presented by: Chandra Lynn, GlowLiving (Host); Omar Hakim, Drummer; and Rachel Z, Keyboardist

Every musician experiences ups and downs on the road of life, but you can avoid big pitfalls by taking other people’s advice to heart. In this session, Chandra Lynn, MI marketing veteran and host of, takes her “Lessons Learned” video interview series to the NAMM Idea Center’s live stage for hard-won wisdom from legendary drummer Omar Hakim (Sting, David Bowie, Journey, and Madonna) and keyboardist Rachel Z (Peter Gabriel, Vertu with Stanley Clarke and Lenny White, and Pino Daniele). This interview will explore their experience with auditioning for gigs, leveraging endorsements, honing technical chops, and staying healthy and balanced on the road.



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