November 11, 2022

Medical PDQ Welcomes Glow Marketing Founder Chandra Lynn to Advisory Board

Agile Surgical Assistants LLC, the developer of the Medical PDQ medical communication and scheduling platform, invited Chandra Lynn of Glow Marketing LLC to join their advisory board as the company expands and brings on new investors.

“I have been very impressed and grateful for the valuable advice and insights Chandra Lynn has offered our team to date,” states Medical PDQ CEO Sergio Giles. “I am very excited to welcome her to our advisory board! We are confident that with Chandra’s expertise in marketing we will accomplish our goals.”

As a board member, Chandra will advise in the areas of customer acquisition, product marketing, strategic industry relations, sales channels, customer needs and trends, and acquisition of capital.

“For years, I’ve witnessed Sergio take the Medical PDQ app from an idea based around helping improve the medical industry’s communications to the release and adoption of this amazing platform,” states Chandra Lynn. “I’m beyond proud of Sergio and his team, and honored to be a part of something that delivers so much efficiency and cost savings, and improves communications between medical staff and patients.”

Also joining the board are Dennis Cagan, a noted high-tech entrepreneur, respected CEO and venture investor; Travis Kendrick of Wayne Pharmaceutical and M D Whitest Medical Institute; Dr. Jake T. Redden of High Reliability Leaders; and Dr. Henri Pierre-Jacques, a practicing Orthopedic surgeon.

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About Medical PDQ

Medical PDQ is HIPAA-compliant platform for hospitals, clinics and independent healthcare professionals. Users can create clinical/surgical appointments with details, create medical teams and bridge the communication gap of daily tasks, and eliminate the complexity of communicating and scheduling – providing a simple ecosystem solution platform to increase your practice’s profitability.

Medical PDQ bridges the communication gap amongst healthcare personnel such as doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Surgical Assistants, Surgical Techs, Vendors and more. Keep your staff up to date with day to day tasks as well as changes to the schedule throughout the day. Whether if it’s NICU, Med/Surg or other units, our app will help your staff facilitate better communication and scheduling.

Scheduling alone is NOT the solution to more profitability. The problem with trying to scale profitability lies within communication between the scheduled appointments – delays, cancellations, etc. Medical PDQ bridges the communication gap to assure appointments are on schedule with real-time communication, you can stay up-to-date with delays and other events that may arise in your day. Whether you’re managing a solo practice, a hospital or a large collection of facilities, Medical PDQ is your solution. Our platform is on a top security cloud server to ensure your data is secure and meets all HIPAA Compliances.


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