December 1, 2010


San Francisco, CA, (September 1, 2010) – In sync with the nationwide book release of Getting to Happy, Glow Marketing is proud to launch New York Times best-selling author Terry McMillan’s new and improved website, McMillan’s renewed digital debut sings with original music and custom graphics reflecting her dynamic personality.

“I’m THRILLED with my website,” Terry McMillan says, “I want to thank Glow and their team so much for helping to capture, and thus represent my “vision”, personality and what I care about in such a creative, classy, cool, and hip manner. It rocks, and I’m looking forward to watching the site grow. I can’t thank them enough, especially for their patience. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who can deliver on their promises. Chandra and Glow have a great future, and I hope more people are willing to trust them with their vision, even if they aren’t sure what it is.”

To make sure McMillan received first-class, turn-key services, Glow teamed with some of the same talent behind client Tyra Banks’ website, Glow Marketing Principal Chandra Lynn directed the engineering and creative teams: Web Producer Trey Sabatelli of Big Grin Media, Web Developer Norbert Hubert of TwoPointO, Graphic Artist Patrick Boyer of and Content Manager Kriz Bell.

“Terry has a huge fan base and now I understand why she attracts so many people,” explains Glow Owner Chandra Lynn. “She has a magnetic, vibrant personality that makes working with her fun and creative. It’s been an honor to work with her, and now I’m an even bigger fan than when I first read Waiting to Exhale.”

A site reflecting Terry’s signature sense of style posed unique challenges for the Glow team. The build relied heavily on the creative process. The overall goal was to develop web pages that stretch beyond simple information containers: each represents a different room, full of tools that dig deeper into Terry’s personal and professional world, and the world that she wants to create with her family of fans. The new look takes Terry from her analog origins of print media, distinguishing her as a resource with powerful digital footprint, including her social networking voices and .

“Every time my team works on a new website, I am more impressed with our teamwork and accomplishments. The feedback on Terry’s website has been stellar, and it’s because of their hard work. We are becoming known for going above and beyond, exceeding our client’s high expectations. I love it!”

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