August 11, 2008

Glow Expands Services for Artists

With all the changes in the record industry, artists now have the opportunity to take back the power of promoting themselves and their work. However, with the internet tools and direct marketing, the playing field has been leveled and standing out from the crowd has become more difficult. The competitive landscape is more challenging than ever and artists need to take advantage of all the resources available to help them succeed.

We offer services that are complementary to those provided by their managers, labels, and agents.

The goal of our efforts is to find unique ways to promote artists over and above the bases that their existing team covers.

We help artists with personal publicity, album promotion and tour support. We also help maximize their relationships with music instrument (MI) manufacturers, corporate sponsors, charities and promotional partners. Additionally, we can implement customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help artists build their fan base, communicate with their fans, and market to them directly in a fashion that is in sync with the artist’s personal style.

Our services include but are not limited to the following (in no particular order):

· Album Promotion
· Tour Support
· Online Promotions – contests, blogs, video
· Customer Relationship Management & Email Marketing Campaigns
· Personal Publicity
· Promotion and Publicity for Artist-owned Companies, i.e.Apparel, Indie
Record Labels, Publishing Companies, Private Recording Studios, etc.
· Charitable Involvement & Associated Publicity
· Event Management, including press conferences, parties, etc.

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