July 28, 2008

Glow Client Sam Berkow to Teach at Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU

New York City, NY, July 28, 2008: Sam Berkow, founder and partner of SIA Acoustics LLC, the principle acoustical designer of the studio facilities at the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at Tisch Schol of the Arts, New York University will join the faculty to teach a class in the 2008 Fall semester on studio design, acoustics and construction.

Berkow brings 20 years as an innovator in the acoustics industry and has first-hand knowledge of the Clive Davis Department facility’s construction. His firm, SIA Acoustics LLC, designed every detail, from architectural layout to room shaping, connectivity and finishes. Award winning music engineer and professor at the Clive Davis Department, Jim Anderson, says “We are thrilled to have Sam Berkow join us this Fall to reveal his studio design secrets to our students. Sam and his company, SIA Acoustics, designed our studio and we couldn’t be happier that he is coming on board and sharing his first-rate expertise.”

Berkow’s Studio Design, Acoustics & Construction course includes the many issues involved with planning and building recording facilities. The course will cover key elements of acoustical design crucial to all types of sound production. According to the catalog description, “the focus will be on gaining an understanding of how studio architecture impacts the way that facilities function and support: tracking, mixing, editing, and mastering.”

As a leader and go-to person in the acoustical design industry, Sam says, “My life and career experiences have brought me to a place where teaching and mentoring are priorities. I am excited to be able to contribute and support the [Clive Davis] department in their efforts to provide students with practical, real world knowledge.”

Berkow’s familiarity with the facilities and mastery of industry techniques complement the curriculum and philosophy of providing hands-on training in a state of the art facility. The program at the Clive Davis department provides business, technical and musical skills, and Berkow’s course will emphasis both the technical and artistic challenges in the acoustical design of studio spaces.

Visit for more information about the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music and Sam Berkow’s Studio Design, Acoustics & Construction course.

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