Artist Services

Do-It-Yourself Artist Marketing

Glow helps bands make and save money throughout their entire process, from the studio to the stage. This includes music creation, promotion, online distribution, touring and more.

Endorsements & Music Creation

We help secure and manage endorsements with significant promotional value and discounted/free gear. We have special relationships with world-class recording and mastering studios, engineers and mixers to help you realize your full artistic potential.

Direct-to-Fan Marketing

Social networking, viral marketing, email campaigns, webcasting, contests and media programs allow bands to acquire fans and create an active relationship with them. We utilize traditional and technology-based direct marketing techniques.

Digital Distribution

Through partnerships with e-commerce and digital distribution companies, we help bands take control and generate increased profits while growing a fan base.

Touring & Webcasting

Glow works with Clair Global to provide audio and webcasting for tours. We help bands make more money on the road by reducing vendor overhead and providing the technology link for capturing valuable live content.