Tyra Banks

As an icon in the international, cultural, and entertainment communities, Tyra Banks has broken down barriers to become one of the most admired and watched individuals in media today.

Glow, in partnership with Urban Cowboy, Big Grin Media, Hydra Media Labs and t2.0, provided web development and maintenance for and branding/design support. This included design, programming, working with third-party companies such as Kyte and Tremor Media, and project management. Development projects have included customizing content management system, integrating ad network into Kyte video players, and various design projects.

Redesign Comps:

Home Page Examples:

B.I.O. Campaign:

iPhone App Demo:

Glow worked with illustrator/designer Patrick Boyer of Urban Cowboy on various branding and design projects including logos, e-newsletters, and other artwork.

Additionally, Glow worked on special projects and has received the following endorsement:

“Chandra is outstanding by every measure. She not only comes into every situation with a positive, can-do, take-charge attitude, she actually has the talent and skills to deliver beyond expectations consistently. During our time together, Chandra took over projects for which we had scant resources and brought them to closure expertly. Additionally, outside what she was assigned, Chandra identified opportunities and challenges that had yet to be seen by our company; she alerted us to them and then proposed ways for us to benefit. All in all, Glow and Chandra have been like our Special Forces – taking on tough missions and always watching our backs. We intend to keep them by our side for a long time to come. It is for these reasons, I give Chandra my highest possible recommendation.”

Michael Salort | Bankable Enterprises