PMC Party @ Capitol Studios

PMC has hired Glow numerous times to produce events for their VIP clients. Often, the company is celebrating the launch of a new product line and the event is held in a studio owned by a client. The one featured here was to celebrate their 10th anniversary in the US (nearly 25 in UK) and for their newest system QB1-Active. The event took place at Capitol Studios during the AES show in Los Angeles. Other events have been held at Perfect Sound Studios in the Hollywood Hills as well as other upscale establishments.

Glow is responsible for all aspects of event planning, including working with the venue and vendors. For the Capitol Studios party, Glow secured Moet & Chandon and Coldcock Herbal Whiskey as contributors. We were responsible for the invitation design; guest list management; catering; decor; staffing; and more.

PMC Party

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work in making the Capitol party such a success. It couldn’t have been better. I look forward to the next one!”
Kindest Regards, Peter Thomas/
Owner of PMC


pmcAbout PMC (Professional Monitor Company)
PMC is a UK manufacturer of hifi loudspeakers, monitors, active systems.